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Solutions for Information and Communication

Dear Visitors,

Our company has been able to acquire excellent know-how in more than 20 years of intensive cooperation with an innovative large-scale enterprise (BASF SE). Meanwhile, we are setting standards about security, content management, document management, web applications and web 2.0 functionalities.

Our product, the Fasihi Enterprise Portal® (FEP), stands for a collective term of the entire software developments by Fasihi GmbH. Due to the strength of its range of functions the Fasihi Enterprise Portal® is a platform rather than an application for a specific purpose. Thus, the FEP is used for most diverse purposes in enterprises, for instance, as a Document Management System, an Employee or Enterprise Portal, and an Information Portal for respective corporate divisions, or as a platform for highly diverse Business Application.

In January 2013, we introduced our new product WEB inFACTORY, a web-based information and communication solution for production plants. With intelligent features for Risk and Labour Protection Management, Quality Management, Personnel and Resource Planning, we contribute to the growing automation in production processes on its way to Industry 4.0. Thereby, our main focus is on people, because despite all automation on a machine level, it is still the workers’ skills, know-how and ideas that are the driving force of any organization. With WEB inFACTORY we provide optimal security, quality and productivity for manufacturing plants.

Special advantage: All our solutions have been upvalued by our award-winning security solution (Innovation Award Rhineland-Palatinate 2011).

Thank you for visiting our website and for paying your attention to it.

Saeid Fasihi, chief executive


Are you interested in our Software Solutions or in the Fasihi Enterprise Portal®? We look forward to you contacting us.

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