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Saeid Fasihi at panel discussion "Success with Digital Business Models"

Chief executive Saeid Fasihi (second person on the left) participated in a panel discussion at the third day of dialogue, under the motto: "Success with Digital Business Models", organised by the Oskar Patzelt Foundation in Würzburg. Fasihi highlighted the opportunities of digitalisation for SMEs. Appropriate strategies would be necessary for moving existing business models into the digital era.

Among other things, this would require an IT portal solution and a responsible Chief Information Officer as well as the training and involvement of all staff members, the redefiniing of corporate business processes, the involvement of customers and much more. "In the long term, SMEs will not be successful without a digital business model," said Fasihi. Without digitalisation, business processes would be cumbersome and much too slow. "Staff and managerial personnel leave the company when they realise that it does not keep pace with changing technological trends".

Fasihi recommends: to move into the digital era in time, seek know-how, train staff and involve them in a way that makes them an active part of this change process. Also of importance is that "executives must set an example to their staff regarding digitalisation".

Author: Sigrid Schuster
Published: 03/27/18


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