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New company building for Fasihi

Our company responds to sales growth and rise in headcount

Bauzeichnung: Frontansicht des neuen Fasihi-Gebäudes.


Our company has planned a new company building which is under construction on Ludwig-Reichling-Straße at the Ludwigshafen Technology Centre. Our future four-storey headquarters will be in close proximity to our current location and we are expected to take up residence there on 1 July 2019. The new company building shows the company's clear commitment to Ludwigshafen as an attractive business location, where it has been established since its foundation in 1990. Building contractor Saroba GmbH and investor MaRo GmbH are both from Ludwigshafen.

The new building represents the company's reaction to its extraordinarily positive business development in recent years, the rise in headcount and the consequently increased requirements for technical and office equipment for all departments. These include the necessary expansion of rooms for conferences, training, research and recreation, as well as cafeteria. There will be enough parking space for both employees and visitors.

2,400 square metres for more than 100 employees

"2,400 square metres will provide sufficient space for more than 100 employees for tackling the development of new and innovative projects," chief executive and company founder Saeid Fasihi is pleased to announce. "Thus, we are at best prepared for fulfilling our customers' high demands."

"It has become necessary to construct our own company building in order to be able to successfully continue our national and international business operations. Based on continuous growth as well as rising customer inquiries and headcount, our current offices do no longer provide enough space," according to Rolf Lutzer, the company's second chief executive.

Rosario Lo Giudice, chief executive and founder of Saroba GmbH and MaRo GmbH, is pleased about the confidence he is met with by Fasihi GmbH. "As a reliable partner, we ensure the high quality of the new company building and its timely completion. Thanks to our years of experience, we are capable of meeting our customer's requirements."

About Saroba GmbH

The company which was found in 1982 by Rosario Lo Gudice is based in Ludwigshafen and constructs residential and industrial buildings, roads and ways, channels, reinforced concrete constructions and all kinds of commercial buildings. To their customers belong renowned enterprises from large scale industries, business enterprises, private investors and contracting authorities.

A competent and motivated team of 25 staff members, state-of-the-art production techniques and high-performance machinery ensure an efficient and economic planning as well as the timely execution of all the different construction tasks.

For further information please click at: www.saroba.de

Author: Sigrid Schuster
Published: 09/20/18


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