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Fasihi brings digital world to school

Software Company starts Project IT2School at Karolinen-Gymnasium Frankenthal

In February 2019, our company has started the project "IT2School – Discover IT Together" of Wissensfabrik – Unternehmen für Deutschland e.V. at the Karolinen-Gymnasium (secondary school) in Frankenthal. During their project work pupils in grades six and seven are made familiar with the topics around the Internet, digitalization and coding by Marius Pollmer, head of Fasihi Academy, directly at site. Pollmer: "Our Fasihi team supports the Karolinen-Gymnasium both individually and logistically, and together with its pupils we will step into the world of information technology. The adolescents, with their ideas and spontaneity in dealing with IT and technology, are our investment for the future, which we wish to promote."

So far, it is planned to integrate one hour per week of IT2School  into the school lessons from  February till the end of the school year. The project is supported by the company founder and CEO Saeid Fasihi: "IT2School can result in a win-win situation both for the pupils as well as for Fasihi as an IT company. If we are successful in getting the pupils excited about the STEM fields today, we are paving the way for the workforce of tomorrow." STEM fields defines a summary of subjects and fields of study, respectively professions within the scope of mathematics, informatics, science and technology.

Developing a basic understanding for IT

The topics of IT2School first address to all children from 4th grade. A basic understanding for IT is achieved via the modules „From Blinking to Encrypting“ and the „One who Understands the Internet". From this initial understanding it is possible to branch off onto different levels.Via „Scratch Programming“ and the steering of the micro controller Calliope, we start into IT technology and by analyzing barcodes of supermarkets and the creation of QR codes, it is about the implementation of IT and one's own living environment. A trip into Virtual Reality by using virtual reality goggles, we offer playful variation and with this room for ideas and creativity.

Dr. Christian Bayer, headmaster of the Karolinen-Gymnasium, is delighted about the support provided by the Fasihi IT specialists: "Nowadays, Information technology has become part of our daily life. At the same time, we are often unaware of the major importance this technology has regarding our leisure time, school life and private life. Our pupils are being offered a great opportunity gaining an insight into the digital world.“

Wissensfabrik has connected the secondary school with Fasihi GmbH. Dr. Axel Jentzsch, Leiter Bildung der Wissensfabrik (head of Science Education), emphasizes: „Success results from many partners making their weight felt. We are glad about the commitment shown by Fasihi and the Karolinen-Gymnasium. Thus, we are promoting young people to make use of information technology in a responsible and creative way.“

IT2School - A project of Wissensfabrik – Unternehmen für Deutschland e.V.

Information technology is surrounding us everywhere and will become a key competence in a digital world, both professionally and privately. It shapes our knowledge and brings us into contact. Via „IT2School – Discover IT Together“ children and adolescents will be prepared for the digital world,  understand the backgrounds and learn not just how to make use of media, but how to actively shape it themselves.

IT2School is dealing with more than just the use of the smartphone, tablet and laptop. The project introduces pupils from elementary and secondary schools to information technology from their daily life by covering basic topics such as communication, data, coding language as well as the interaction of hard and software. While exploring, inquiring, developing and finding solutions, the children and adolsecents can experience information techology in a playful manner during their lessons in order to understand and create processes creatively themselves. The objective of the educational project is to design IT themselves, instead of only making use of it.

IT2School is a  roject of Wissensfabrik – Unternehmen für Deutschland e.V. in Ludwigshafen.

Author: Sigrid Schuster
Published: 02/06/19


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